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Signature Set Eyelashes 

If you want to look and feel your best, our line of signature set eyelashes is bound to please. Eyelash extensions can last for up to four to six weeks, although we recommend using them for only two to three weeks to maintain the maximum level of fullness. You can select your favorite signature set eyelashes, and our eyelash specialists can help with your installation. Before you leave, schedule your eyelash removal appointment with our team. In just a few minutes, we can have you looking your best with long, luscious lashes.  


Eyelash Installations 

Having eyelashes that last for weeks makes your daily beauty routine a breeze. The only problem is applying these lashes correctly so that they look amazing and last for as long as possible. With our eyelash specialists, you can get the professional installation you need to make the most of your new lashes. We offer a wide variety of lash length and styles so that you get the exact options you need. From classic mink to signature sets, we can walk you through all of the lashes we carry.  


Shampoo Lashes 

From time to time, you need to shampoo your lashes to keep them looking fresh and beautiful. Our specially formulated shampoo helps to gently cleanse any dust, tears or particles that happen to stick to your lashes. This formula helps to cleanse between every lash without tearing or pulling at the lashes. It gently removes makeup and built up oils so that your lash extensions last for as long as possible. Our eyelash specialist can help you pick out the type of shampoo that will work best for your lashes and can also provide shampooing services as well.  


Eyelash Removal 

Initially, our eyelash specialist can help you pick and install your favorite set of eyelashes. At this stage, we normally schedule an appointment for three to four weeks later to remove your lashes. Different brands last for different lengths of time, but you can generally expect your lashes to last for up to four to six weeks. You can enjoy maximum fullness for up to three or four weeks, which is why we generally schedule our eyelash removal appointments for this time frame. At your appointment, our talented specialists will help you gently remove your eyelashes and can talk to you about the set you want next.

Eyelash Shampoo 

Our eyelash shampoos are excellent for removing makeup, dust or dirt from your eyelashes. We select our line of shampoos based on their unique formulas and high-quality ingredients. With our oil-free cleansers and natural ingredients, you get the safe, in-depth shampoo you need. Our shampoos work to deep clean between your lashes so that your extensions last for as long as possible. Each shampoo is exclusively designed to be exceptionally gentle and effective, so you can enjoy the best results possible. 


Classic Mink Eyelashes 

If you want your lashes to look completely natural, classic mink eyelashes are by far one of the best options. Offered in a variety of styles, these lashes are made of light, fine hair that looks and feels completely natural. They have a flexibility that is far better than other lashes, so they appear completely natural. Because of their lightness, it is easier to install several mink eyelashes per natural lash and achieve a gorgeous, full look that lasts longer than other lash types. 

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